This is Beni. She’s a beautiful American bulldog and a total sweetheart; she would never ever hurt anyone on purpose. Beni was with me in my front yard and a woman with her husband and two young kids walked by. Of course, my dog barked because its her yard and she was being protective. The young girl held her hand out and smiled at Beni. The mother said, “Lucy, get over here before that big mean dog bites you! They’re all the same!” My heart broke, because not only does she never met my dog, she’s perpetuating the stigma that any dog who looks like my dog is violent and mean. This young girl, who was maybe 3 or 4, is being taught to fear dogs like mine. I doubt she would have said that comment had Beni been a lab or a golden retriever. People don’t realize that the way a dog acts is completely dependent on their owner. If beat a dog or kick it around or treat it like a “mean dog”, it will become a mean dog. If you treat a dog with compassion, that’s what you’ll get out of it.

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